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Are you interested in a open source CPU for Linode? Assuming optional and additional to Intel CPU.
Yes  50%  [ 1 ]
No  50%  [ 1 ]
Total votes : 2
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 Post subject: CPU Open Source
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2018 3:43 pm 
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Hi all Linode enthusiasts :)

How about open source CPU as an option with Linode? Who would be interested in this? You're welcome to vote above. Before voting it's suggested to read the F.A.Q. below.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What do you mean by "option"?
Optional open source CPU. Not replacing Intel CPU. For example, when buying a new Linode, you could choose between either a Intel CPU or an open source CPU. No change to the present default Intel CPU. In other words, if you buy a new Linode, by default it would come with an Intel CPU pre-selected. But during the order, you would be able to optionally and manually change your order from a Intel CPU to a open source CPU.

What are the benefits for Linode?
Stronger security. For sources and details find "What do you mean by open source?" section below.

Attract more clients. Like minded client interested in open source CPU. Seems that open source CPU would align with Linode' values and interest in open source Linux. Some of the benefits with open source CPU are a stronger security, stronger privacy, and reduce risk of abuse. Because its code is publicly available for review and contributions. Assuming the software code license is owned and supported by a friendly not-for-profit community. Instead of a for-profit corporation.

What do you mean by "open source"?
By "open source" CPU I means CPU such as, but not limited to:
___• Source code at ... s-and-SoCs
Google, HP, and Oracle have joined the RISC-V foundation.

• Amber at

Comparison of open source CPU at ... essors.php

Interesting article by Jason at ... -meltdown/
Archived at

Feel really free to use any CPU to your liking for your Linode. This post is just a suggestion.

In the future, if Linode decides to offer open source CPU for all their data centers, I look forward to that

All are welcome to join the other related discussion and vote about AMD CPU at viewtopic.php?f=7&p=76652#p76652

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 Post subject: Re: CPU Open Source
PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 7:41 pm 
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Realistically, thinking from a holistic business perspective; open source CPUs for the hosts of Linodes would be a disaster.

1) cost - if it's not from AMD or Intel, it's not going to be as good, feature rich, or clocked as high.

This means decreased server density, and most likely increased power consumption in Linode's data centers. That means increased costs to you.

2) proven reliability

Open source CPUs (RISC, CISC) in *data center* form factor is either nonexistent, or incredibly new. Not proven yet.

This means more hardware faults, unexplained software issues with the various operating systems Linode supports (You can run Windows now!), and will drive customers away as "the product" (virtual private servers that just work) fails to meet expectations.

Your suggestions are honorable. But I advise you to attempt it *at home* first, before you suggest it to a company to execute *at scale*. I think then you'll recognize that it's a bad business decision.

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